Very much looking forward to joining in this project of reading Wilkie Collins’s No Name week by week – I’ve never read the novel (although it’s been on my bookshelf for several years), and am intrigued to see how the experience of reading for the first time in weekly installments plays out over the course of many months, especially since, as Pete points out, Collins is all about the fine details and plot twists. I’m also wondering how I’ll curb my impatience to skip ahead at crucial moments – if my experience of reading other Collins novels is anything to go by, then I’m sure the temptation to grab my copy off the bookshelf will be strong at times!

Collins No Name Reading Project

Following on from our successful A Tale of Two Cities reading and blogging project last year, join us to read Wilkie Collins’s No Name week-by-week, as the novel’s first readers did, in Charles Dickens’s weekly journal All the Year Round. We’ll follow this sensational tale of illegitimacy, deception, disguise and revenge through its regular short weekly instalments for 45 weeks. We start on Friday 15 March 2013 (to coincide with the 1862 publication date) and we’ll read our final instalment on the week of 17 January 2014. Participants can read the instalments in their magazine form via Dickens Journals Online and we’ll share our responses in an online reading group/blog.

You can find the weekly instalments on the Dickens Journals Online site by clicking here

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