Gender and Space in Rural Britain, 1840-1920

boreasFollowing my previous post about nineteenth-century rurality, I’m very pleased to say that Gender and Space in Rural Britian, 1840-1920 has been accepted for publication by Pickering and Chatto’s Warwick Series in the Humanities. Edited by myself and Dr Gemma Goodman, the collection brings together essays by a range of scholars from literary studies, history and historical geography, covering a diverse rural landscape both within and beyond Britain.

Here is a quick peek at the contributions we have lined up for inclusion:

‘Gertrude Jekyll: Cultivating the Gendered Space of the Victorian Garden for Professional Success’

Christen Ericsson (University of Southampton)

‘Women and the Country House: Matilda-Blanche Gibbs at Tyntesfield and Dorothy Elmhirst at Dartington Hall’           

Emma Gray (University of Bristol)

‘Women in the Field: Thomas Hardy and Richard Jefferies’

Professor Roger Ebbatson (Lancaster University)

‘Mathilde Blind’s “The Teamster”: Gender and the Rural Space’

Maija Kuharenoka (De Montfort University)

‘“Between two Civilisations”: George Sturt’s Constructions of Loss and Change in Village Life’

Dr Barry Sloan (University of Southampton)

‘At Work and at Play: Charles Lee’s Cynthia in the West

Dr Gemma Goodman (University of Warwick)

‘Obliged to Remain: Being Rural in the Fiction of Violet Jacob and Mary and Jane Findlater’

Samantha Walton (University of Edinburgh)

‘Drowned Lands’: Charles Kingsley’s Hereward the Wake and the Masculation of the English Fens’

Dr Lynsey McCulloch (Coventry University)

‘“Wandering like a wild thing”: Rural walking in George Eliot’s early fiction’

Dr Charlotte Mathieson (University of Warwick)

“I never liked long walks”: Gender, Nature, and Jane Eyre’s Rural Wandering

Katherine F. Montgomery (University of Iowa)

‘From England to Eden; Gardens, Gender and Knowledge in Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out

Karina Jakubowicz (University College London)

‘Space, Mobility, and Flexibility: Transnational Rural in Alicia Little’

Dr Eliza S.K. Leong (Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao)

I’m really excited to be working on such an interesting project and can’t wait to receive the submissions for review early next year.


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