Journal of Victorian Culture online

I’m very pleased to have been invited to join the Journal of Victorian Culture Online blogging team as a regular contributor, having previously written some guest blog posts for the site. The first of my regular posts on “Walking ‘Dickens’s London‘” was published this morning, and is a review of The Guardian’s Dickens audio walks. From now on I’ll be writing twice a month on all things Victorian, with a range of research-related and some more fun posts on museums, talks, and so on – current ideas in the works include some George Eliot literary tourism, a visit to Cromford Mills, and Simon Callow’s take on Dickens.

Also, JVC Online is searching for more bloggers to contribute to the site – either as a one-off blogger, or by entering the competition to become a regular contributor. Being part of a multi-authored blog is an excellent way to gain blogging experience, and if you’re a Victorianist then there’s no better place to do so than JVC Online. The site is becoming an exciting hub of online activity for Victorianists, and I’m certainly proud to be part of its on-going expansion and very much looking forward to seeing how it grows in coming months.

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